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Azael Ferrer

Azael Ferrer is a multimedia artist from Málaga, Spain. His work includes A/V installations, live performances, Vj sessions, lighting and video designs.
Azael’s work stands out for creating immersion experiences through generative graphics, light, sound and objects in space. His practice is an experimental and elegant exploration of digital arts, technology, + multisensory perception.
He learned his trade studying Audiovisual Performance at the Polytechnic of Marbella and perfected it through participation in multiple workshops, including Vjspain, Center for Scenic Studies of Andalusia, International University of Andalusia, Lights in Alingsas, (Sweden), and the scholarship of creative code at the Gray Area Foundation in San Francisco.
He is currently a collective collaboration artist, founder of Transdisciplina A/V and member of AAI (Association of Lighting Authors). His personal and collaborative projects have been demonstrated throughout Europe and the United States.

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